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'Own a Holding in Sgarabhaigh'

Dave Hill bought the island of Sgarabhaigh in the Sound of Harris in September 2003 - satisfying his dream of becoming a custodian of an island, protecting the environment of a very special part of Scotland, supporting the local economy of the islands and providing linkages to the people of the islands. Now he is offering people the opportunity to become a Friend of Sgarabhaigh by purchasing a holding on the island which they can pass on to future generations, as an associate owner of the island. On purchasing a holding, you will receive an 'island in a box' - with samples of peat and sand from the island and a Sgarabhaigh DVD.

Dave hopes that his project will help to generate local business throughout the Western Isles and he is in touch with environmentalists of all disciplines to help keep the ecological balance of the island right. For more information about the project, visit .

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