'Website to offer a share of island'

A Telford businessman is offering people the chance to become part owner of a beautiful Scottish island.

Mike Cosgrove of Newport has set up his own website '' to help remind people of forthcoming birthdays and anniversaries by sending out e-mails ahead of important dates.

And now the innovative site has teamed up with Tamworth based Dream Island Limited to launch the unique promotion involving the Outer Hebridean island of Sgarabahigh .

Mr Cosgrove said "We try to offer something a bit different but this has to be our most unusual gift yet.

"Sgarabhaigh is a picturesque place and it's a real chance to escape the the rat race if only for a few days a year.

"It really is a gift you'd never forget, so it ties in with what we are trying to do with the site. Hopefully we can make forgetfulness a thing of the past."

The island is a haven for wildlife including seals, whales and dolphins and a favourite spot for ramblers and birdwatchers.

The package comprises a variety of unusual gifts including phials of local sand and peat.

There are also official wax seals with the island crest to secure letters and a Sgarabhaigh passport to document visits and to provide evidence of rights of access.

For more details and information contact Mr Cosgrove on (01952)550859 or via email at

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