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'Chance to join in a dream of preserving Scottish isle'

Know someone who has everything and stuck for present ideas? A Tamworth based company could have the solution, part-ownership of a Scottish island.

Dream Island Ltd is offering the chance for anyone interested to be an associate owner of the Outer Hebridean island of Sgarabhaigh, which is pronounced "Scaravay" and have teamed up with ' to bring the gift to a wider audience.

Dave Hill, who runs the company, said: "The inspiration for the project came from my dream of being a custodian of an island which I have had for as long as I can remember. The idea of sharing the dream came initially from the essential need to recoup the cost of achieving my dream and from the realization that through sharing the reality, I can get even more joy from the project." The aim of the of the project is to satisfy Mr Hill's island dream, conserve a Scottish island in its unspoilt state, support local wildlife and wildlife conservation and support the local economy of the Outer Hebrides.

Friends of Sgarabhaigh Ltd has been set up to hold the freehold of the island and see to the management of the island.

People can but a lifetime 'holding' in the island through one of two packages the fullest being the 'Sgarabhaigh Package' presented in an oak presentation box and includes phials of sand and peat from the area, a Sgarabhaigh passport and a holding renewal form where a family member can reregister for the ownership effectively making it an heirloom.

Mr Hill said: "I have designed the whole of the package and either made, commissioned or completed every element including filming the substantial part, directing, producing and jointly editing the DVD.

"There are over 40 hand processes to be undertaken for every box completed.

"With associate owners having a tangible link to the area through the 'Holding', they will have written the islands into family folklore for all time hopefully ensuring an equally long interest in the area and what it has to offer."

Associate owners can visit the island whenever they want and Mr Hill is hoping to sell 5000 holdings in five years.

The island is a haven for wildlife including seals, whales and dolphins and is a favourite spot for ramblers and bird-watchers.

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