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I would like to thank everyone who has helped in this project in anyway large or small as every contribution has been invaluable in developing and realizing a forty-year dream of mine. The kind help extended to me has been phenomenal and far beyond what I anticipated or expected. Family, friends, aquaintances, specialists, suppliers, and yes, even bankers and lawyers have all been supportive and positive about the project. They have all shown great fortitude and patience in the face of my lack of knowledge and understanding of precisely what the project involved. Still we got there, or here, in the end and I found many more friends along the way.

In particular I must thank the following friends for :

• Anna Toone - Graphic design, technical advice and patience.
• Neil Rathbone - Private Pilot, peat /sand transporter and nerve.
• Ged Yeates - Film footage, technical advice and hospitality.
• Glen O’Connell – Informal legal advice, flexibility and friendship.
• Dave Smith – Accountacy advice, availability and patience.
• Brendan and Avril Commons - Still photography, technical support and enthusiasm.
• Chrissie Mackenzie – Gaelic translation, accommodation and a fine Gaelic welcome.
• John, Donald and Murdo Mackenzie – Sgarabhaigh, opportunity and kindness.
• Tim Hill, Rich Caine, Paul Aspel and Gary Wright - Website, technical skill and introduction to drinking.
• Andrew and Alison Johnson – Boat Charter, environmental advice and coffee.
• Tom Walmsley – Film footage, environmental advice and plenty of phone practice.
• Abbie Lathe – Whistle flute music, enthusiasm and mercurial brilliance.
• Vaughan Taylor – Special Effects, technical skill and flexibility.

• Dennis Ball



• Dave Kenny



• Ian Chatfield


Investment without question and faith in me.

• Pat Armstrong



• Dave Williams



• Jane Hill - Unqualified support in everything, putting up with house disruption and for being my wife, partner and eternal soul mate.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg of a very long list of people who have given support, encouragement and friendship so my sincere thanks to you all it would not have been possible without you. Your friendship, understanding and patience really underpinned the development of the project.


‘Soul of Sgarabhaigh ‘ written and performed by Abbie Lathe.

‘Caledonia ‘ written and performed by Dougie Maclean – Dunkeld Records –
Published by Limetree Arts and Music.

‘Kesh Jig’ performed by Eric Rigler – Garron Music

‘The Water is Wide’ performed by Eric Rigler – Garron Music

See also: links section.

Licence free pipe music from the Internet.


Ged Yeates – Freelance Cameraman and Editor – Uig, Isle of Lewis – Atmospheric
scenes of the Islands and their wildlife.

Tom Walmsley – Splashdown Productions – Abbots Leigh, Bristol – Sea life shots
of dolphins and whales.

Vaughn Taylor – Video–2–DVD – Harlaston, Tamworth – Special effects.

Dave Hill – Project Director and Apprentice Cameraman – Elford, Tamworth –
General footage of Scaravay and the Islands.


Splashdown Productions – for their kind financial contribution towards the
preparation of a Wildlife Report.

Abbie Lathe – for her kind donation of the ‘Soul of Sgarabhaigh’ written and
performed by her for the project.

Many of the people listed – for sharing the financial risk of the project.

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