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Update July 2019

Quite a time for me as I have reached my three score years and ten..... yes on the 9th July this year I have moved onto borrowed time rather than British Summer Time! Don't the years flash past it only seems like a couple of years ago that I first set foot on Sgarabhaigh with a good friend of mine who we have now unfortunately lost. That first visit day is clear in my mind as are the tears of joy we both shed as we walked up to the top of the headland, a very vivid memory. It was in fact seventeen years ago..... gone in the batting of an eye. It reminds me that I need to start planning succession of the project although I do have three draft options and don't worry all mean the project will carry on in perpetuity.

A lot has changed and much has been achieved all down to the kindness and support of a range of people too long to mention as individuals. We have friends across the globe including a magician, a screen writer, a wonderful elderly piper in Canada, a pilot, engineers, historians, teachers, doctors, lawyers and many good solid hardworking folk in a plethora of trades. We are truly blessed and I have had the joy of exchanging many emails and getting to know many of them over the years. We have met some at our house in the Midlands and we have met some on the islands. I have had a man give up smoking by living on Sgarabhaigh for a month on his own and we have shared aspects of the project with several leading celebrities and august institutions. I have personally spent many happy hours on Sgarabhaigh and the wider islands and we have seen the development of the Outer Hebrides generally over that time. Certainly the magic of the Western Isles (also known as the Outer Hebrides) has spread and access to them has improved. They are jewels in the crown of the UK and if the stupid Brexit process leads to the break-up of the UK , England will be all the poorer for losing such a special place as part of our wonderful patchwork of nations. Enough of politics!

We have lost several people important to us up in the islands and they are sadly missed but the next generation has stepped into the breach and have become great friends with the friends and family of those we met seventeen years ago. We have taken eccentric folk up to the islands one who performed for the children at the school and was well appreciated and another who cooked for us and our hosts in a force ten gale..... in the garden!!!!!! The cooking was completed without the help of a safety net but with the help of half a bottle of scotch and the food was great.

Sgarabhaigh continues to provide the annual top up of grey seal pups every autumn and is home to a colony of wrens on the Cove beach. Terns, Greylag geese and a variety of gulls nest there every year and both Golden Eagles and Sea Eagles grace the skies over the island. Sea Otters scour the shoreline for their meals and dolphins and whales still glide through the waters around the island. All is well in the Sound of Harris.

I continue to share the Western Isles with the world and progressive planning of the island council has allowed many houses to be built for residents and for transient holiday makers all adding to the vibrancy and sustainability of the islands. Better still this has been achieved without destroying the wonderful heritage and culture of the islands and its people. It is a place to visit and enjoy but remember to take patience and an open mind and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the place. Slow down to island life pace and revel in the freedom that the lack of pressure brings. Make a pact with yourself and pen a date for a visit, you'll not regret it.

All the very best to you all,

Dave and Jane

Update November 2017

Well Xmas is nearly here so you may be too late for a 'Friends' Package but we can still provide a Sgarabaigh Silver Sixpences for those people that are hard to buy for! You can of course try if you want a package as we will do our best right up to the 20th December.

This has been a year of speed it still only seems like it should be Spring certainly our several trips away have made things disappear in between. The October crop of seal pups was extraordinarily expansive as most arrive in November but this year by the second week in October we had over 70 pups on the island and many were ready to leave! We saw more dolphins than normal and it was just the eagles that let us down a little as they seemed thin on the ground..... and thinner in the air! The fishing was brilliant despite the weather trying to thwart us several times this year. All in all a very good but seemingly short year.

I am doing a virtual talk to the Chicago Scots in January with hopefully a Skype session after the talk has been shown to allow us to answer questions and to talk to kindred spirits. We have prepared a compendium of sections based on a basic talk with photographs. The talk is supported by sections showing the packages, our coin and its story, some stories about the project, a timeline for the Western Isles, a snapshot of the wider islands and another of the wider Scotland. This is all to be topped off with a video walk around Sgarabhaigh to let you see the annual seal pup party and some of the island. We are still editing the film as we are weaving in some extra footage from our October expedition and want to modify the first cut. So if you are a Caledonian, Scottish or St Andrews Society and would like to use our talk for your talks programme just let me know and we'll provide you with an evening to remember.... possibly several evenings! (; +00 44 1827 383645)

Have a lovely gentle run up to Xmas and have a great time with your families. Don't let the modern pressures spoil the season, go with the flow and just enjoy the time. It's the people that matter not the tangible gifts but the gift of time and the giving of yourselves; and of course all the very best for 2018 and beyond.....

All the very best to you all,

Dave and Jane


Update 2017

Happy New Year to you all, the year has started with plenty of fresh air with a little water mixed in for good measure but we have still had one or two clear days with a touch of wind.

I am hoping to let you all have access to more footage of Sgarabhaigh this year as we have plenty in the archives I just need to get it assembled into edited files that you can easily navigate. The wildlife in 2016 was prolific and although the general weather was rather poor we had great weather on our visits. I also intend to do a short video to introduce the project to people with an interest in Scotland and potentially our project. It will be available to groups to down load and use for evening meetings as just a talk or as a story of what we are hoping to achieve with Friends of Sgarabhaigh. At the highest level we want to continue to create an international family with its own island in the islands providing each Associate Owner of a tangible link to Scotland and a focus for their own genealogical history.

While resolutions are the talk of the month get your box of artefacts become an Associate Owner of Sgarabhaigh have your own piece of Scotland to visit and build a treasure chest of your own family history focussed on the island of Sgarabhaigh, visits to it and create links to one of the most beautiful parts of the Western Isles, Scotland and the world.

Christmas 2016 Update

Where do the years go? This year with visitors from Australia retrieving some of our stones from the island which we have had polished by a kindly "boat skipper" based up in the Menai Straights in North Wales. The stones have polished so well we will be doing some more to allow us to put a real piece of the island in each box. The Lewisian Gneiss that forms the rocks of Sgarabhaigh is some of the oldest rock in the world and has been dated to 3 billion, (yes, three billion years ago) two thirds the age of the earth. So we are not only blessed by having a plethora of wildlife but even the rock under our feet is beautiful and of important geological significance.

Despite weather generally being poor in the islands this year we managed a great visit in October when we had brilliant sunshine for two weeks and managed to see a great cross section of the wildlife and top up on some vitamin D. There appeared to be more dolphins and porpoise around than normal and the eagles kept us entertained but the otters were very shy, which means we did not see anything of them but their tracks.

We had a magician visit the islands ostensibly intending to stay on Sgarabhaigh to see what real magic looks like. While the weather was great the wind was strong and driving in from the southeast which made accessing Sgarabhaigh a little more tricky and as the magician couldn't magic away his seasickness he settled for trips around Harris and Lewis and was amply rewarded with history, myth and legend on his annual "adventure". He also kindly gave a free performance to the children at the school in Leverburgh in our name. The children and many parents enjoyed a brilliant children's entertainer and we all enjoyed cake and tea made by the children at half time. It was lovely to see the children, and the parents, having such a great time so thanks to Paul Brown of Magical-Mayhem for his kindness and his time he is a very valued member of Friends of Sgarabhaigh..

Well with Xmas coming on apace we need to tell you that any Xmas gifts will need to be ordered by 12th December to guarantee delivery by Xmas. The packages are bespoke and each one tailored to individual details and so take a little time to prepare. So order now to avoid disappointment. Our sixpences are more simply despatched and can be purchased for delivery up to 20th December.

I will be updating the photographs on the site early in 2017 to enable you to see much more of Sgarabhaigh and its wildlife so pop back onto the site in early February to see much more of us!

I hope you all have a brilliant Xmas 2016 and a very happy New Year.

Kindest regards from Dave and Jane, Founders of Friends of Sgarabhaigh.

The Sgarabhaigh Silver Sixpence

The 1000th Sgarabhaigh Silver Sixpence has been minted. We took delivery of the last 100 coins to make the minting of the launch sixpence dated 2005 to the magic 1000 coin total. While we are excited about reaching the milestone target it was tinged with sadness as the person who produced the beautiful coins, Mr Colin Ashford, has retired. The business, W Downing, is continuing under new management so we will still be able to produce our beautiful sixpence but we are currently reviewing the date for the next minting.

The coin has received considerable recognition over the last ten years and is formally on deposit in the National Museum for Scotland and the British Museum in London. A supporter who works with the Office of the Crown sent a Sgarabhaigh Sixpence to the Queen and the coin is now part of the collection held under The Duchy of Lancaster, the Monarchs Estate, ensuring that all future Monarchs of the United Kingdom will have one of our sixpences in their collection.

New Member

I am proud to announce that one of our new members of Friends of Sgarabhaigh is an eminent historian with world class knowledge on the Vikings. He has a wealth of knowledge about the impact of the Vikings on the UK generally but also their impact on the Western Isles an area which was under the control of the Vikings for many centuries. I hope to get at least one article on the impact of the Vikings in and around the Sound of Harris and Sgarabhaigh and its surrounding islands for the interest of us all.

Sgarabhaigh Welcomes ‘Royalty’

Sgarabhaigh hits the historic heights with the latest ‘Friend’ to join us. We are proud to announce that with our latest recruit Lesley Smith we not only get an eminent historian, expert guest from television’s Most Haunted programme, a custodian and Lessee of Tutbury Castle where Mary Queen of Scots stayed several times for enforced B&B and a delightful lady, we also get Mary Queen of Scots herself and many other characters of history including the magnificent Queen Elizabeth I. Lesley portrays these eminent women of history in an historically accurate way but with sufficient poetic licence to make her audiences enthralled, absorbed and entertained each and every time she appears. If ever there was a perfect way to promote history in a positive and entrancing way Lesley certainly achieves it each time she performs.

Audiences not only learn much about the lives of the women portrayed but they also feel the pathos of the loss of a child, the joy of the funnier aspects of history and much about the passion of the woman portraying each and every character be it Nell Gwynn, Anne Boleyn, Mrs Shakespeare, Boadicea or Britannia and several others. We hope that Lesley will fulfil her wish to come up to the Western Isles and share some of her persona’s her expert knowledge and joy for history with the children of the islands and perhaps to let Mary Queen of Scots walk on the hallowed hills and meadows of Sgarabhaigh.

Lesley has also helped us spread the word about the project promoting our now famous Sgarabhaigh Silver Sixpence which is now not only in the National Museum of Scotland but is also to be introduced as a formal deposit  of the British Museum in London. In addition Lesley has kindly, on our behalf, presented one of our sixpences to Her Majesty the Queen and which is archived in the Queen’s Duchy of Lancaster Estate an entity that is a discreet holding of the Monarch. Lesley has also offered to help us with fund raising for the project by holding an ‘Evening with Mary Stewart’ (nee Queen of Scots) donating the evening’s proceeds to Friends of Sgarabhaigh. Certainly we are very lucky to have Lesley as a ‘Friend’, a friend and an advocate for the project and we hope that when we do manage to hold a ‘Gathering’ in the future up in the islands that Lesley will treat us to one or two of her other persona’s as part of the event.

Help On Your Visit

As the year rolls on we would like to welcome a new and exciting company, Your Tour of Scotland (see ) to our links page. The company will enrich visits to Scotland with their expert guides who will make your visit north not just a beautiful experience but an informed one too. This exciting new company offers everything from bespoke trips for the individual up to full guided coach trips to the area of your choice. As well as bringing alive the rich history of Scotland they can also arrange themed trips concentrating on subjects like literature, culture and language. There is nothing to rival the company of a guide who is eager to share historical fact supported by an entertaining tale or two excitingly embellished with the wealth of myth and legend for which Scotland is famous. When listening to these stories you should always bear in mind the old saying that “a good story is never the worse for getting better”.
So if you are a nervous traveller in need of help and support in arranging a trip or a seasoned traveller who just wants to wring out every ounce of value out of your trip to Scotland or anywhere in between Your Tour of Scotland is the partner for you, you’ll not be disappointed.

‘The’ Place to Stay

Well we have just returned from Sgarabhaigh and some of the most stunning weather we have experienced in the islands. Clear blue skies, little wind, good company and a real treat of a place to stay all underpinned by a warm welcome and accommodation equipped for the Queen – even on her Diamond Jubilee. The place is called Shalom the website is and its location cannot be bettered, the house sits perfectly on the lower slopes of the mountains of Harris looking south onto the beautiful Sound of Harris. The hosts Kathryn and Raymond and Campbell provide both a warm welcome and full support and advice throughout your visit. The house itself  focusses your attention on the beautiful view from the living area windows and the spa bath provides therapy for anyone who overdoes the walking. It really is one of the most beautiful locations in the whole of the islands and the house and hosts live up to the billing. Do your best to book early for any visit as it will be booked if you leave it too late.

Good Luck News for One of Our Sixpences

This is the essence of an email I just received from a friend in Australia regarding one our Sgarabhaigh Silver Sixpences:

“I have received the Sgarabhaigh Silver Sixpence and I believe it has already given us a run of good luck. On the Monday we received the coin, we had an email from our estate agents who are dealing with a property we own in Scotland, the property has been rented out for the past two and a half years and up for sale all that time with not much interest from people to buy it but that very day we had an offer secured on the house. The next day we had a rebate (tax) payment from the Australian Government of a reasonable amount, which I had no idea we were owed. As if these two things weren't enough good fortune I was contacted with a big contract for March and another contract for a quite large industrial clearance for next week……all these things since I received the sixpence. I know that there may be some people who would say that it’s just coincidence but I am sure that these things happening in such a short space of time proves there is more to it. I thank you again for the coin and I’m sure that good luck comes with it and I wish everyone the same good fortune.”

Whilst I am not claiming any special powers for our beautiful coin it clearly can reach the parts that other gifts cannot! On a more serious note it is good to hear that a friend has had some good luck in these hard times so let’s hope there is more to come for everyone certainly Australia has had its share of bad luck recently.  

More Travel Support

We have now also exchanged links with Globester a travel company in the USA to help our American ‘Friends’ to find great travel deals. So visit and get some of the best, if not the best, travel prices so let them take the hassle out of the travel part of your visit to your special place in Scotland, your own island in the islands. You now have the necessary links to ensure a seamless journey to ‘special’ place in Scotland.

October Seal Pup Census Trip

Well early October came up trumps this year as the weather settled and it gave us three beautiful days on Sgarabhaigh without wind and some beautiful sunshine. The trip started with a Sea Eagle welcoming us to the Sound of Harris as we turned into the Little Minch from Rodel Harbour. It sat proud and regal on the rocks and after a pause treated us to a measured and serene flight onto the coast showing its huge wingspan.

Onward to the island and we unloaded our kit onto the rocks and then Billy, Hamish’s brother, and another real gentleman took us out into the bays to catch tea which we managed in about five minutes. We caught a few more good Pollack but returned them to the water complying with the catch and release initiative being implemented in the islands.

On our sweep of the island and return to the cove we could see the island was packed with seal pups ranging from new born to well grown and losing the white baby fur. We set up camp and set out to see what joy was in store for our visit. We did a complete tour of the beaches as best we could to avoid disturbing the seals and counted sixty three seal pups many of which we filmed and that will appear here in the Gallery in due course. On our way back past The Rocks on the north-east side of the island my companion for the trip and a good friend pointed out a good pod of porpoises breaching some 300-400 yards offshore. They circled the island for much of the afternoon and reappeared each day for a Sgarabhaigh fish lunch and it was our pleasure to provide it!

The sea otter put in two appearances and it was heartening to see how established it appeared to be on the south side of the island. They are shy creatures and you have to be quick to film them when they appear, we only got two very transient shots I’m afraid but they’ll be here on the Gallery too.

With a competent fisherman and climber as a camping companion we risked scaling the cliffs to get a good fishing spot as the beaches were out of bounds because of the seal pups. What a good option it turned out to be as we set up and within minutes had caught some good fish to 6lbs with ease. Again we used the catch and return approach as the pollack are due to spawn in the next few months and we at least want to conserve stocks ………. even if the seals don’t agree!

October clearly has its benefits if its seals you crave there were loads and all on the rocky doorstep. The still water gave up its secrets as all surface movement was easily visible hence the brilliant otter, porpoise and dolphin sightings. It really is a magical place when the weather is kind and if you have not yet visited these beautiful islands then put a date in your diary and go and see first hand what money cannot buy.   

Sgarabhaigh's New Link to 'goscotlandtours'

We are pleased to announce that we have exchanged links with a brilliant Scottish tour company They not only do generic organised tours of Scotland but they also organise Private Tours organised to your own requirements which is very useful for our visitors to Sgarabhaigh. If you want the effort taking out of a trip to the Western Isles then talk to goscotland and they'll take the strain. They can also provide an additional dimension to your visit to Sgarabhaigh by adding extra days taking in other wider parts of both the Western Isles and Scotland. 

2010 Visit Succeeds …….. eventually!

We managed to pick a particularly lively week for weather for our summer trip up to the Western Isles and Sgarabhaigh with the winds registering a constant 30 mph with gusts to 50 mph for six days solid. The wild seas were wonderful but access out to the island was a complete non-starter.

This was all the more disappointing as we had two new ‘Friends’ who had come up to visit our island for the first time and they had to put up with distant observation from the south east tip of Harris. We did however have the chance to share some time and a lovely home cooked meal with them before they had to beat a retreat and shoot back home for a family wedding. They departed saying “well we have had good time despite the complications of the weather and there is always next time”; that is the benefit of a ‘perpetual’ heirloom it will always be there next year, and the year after and so on down the ages.

For our part we managed to outstay the wind and on the Friday got out onto Sgarabhaigh and with our arrival came the sun to add to the calm conditions. We spent a wonderful few hours on the island along with other first time visitors and then we shared a traditional tea party at Café Sgarabhaigh. As we floated languidly in the bay on the north side of the island drinking tea and eating homemade cakes Hamish, our boatman, gentleman and entertainer explained how he had filled the fish box with some 150lbs of fresh Pollack while we were just wandering the island. We topped up the fish box with a few more fish after Hamish’s daughter and son-in-law collected half the box from us following another exciting open sea encounter as we were approached and boarded for some of our haul. All in all an excellent day spent with special friends and adding another page to our rich personal history of the island.

During one visit to the Rodel Hotel for some lunch we met Andy Strangeway an energetic adventurer also known as Island man because of his exploits having slept a minimum of a night on 168 Scottish islands mainly over 40 hectares (that’s about 100 acres to us oldies). His next venture is to try to land and spend a night and re-erect Her Majesty the Queen’s plaque restating the UK claim to Rockall a single tiny rock 162 miles to the west of the Western Isles out in the wild North Atlantic. He admitted that getting on and off Rockall is set to be a very scary adventure but that’s how he lives his life and we wished him the very best in his next venture. If you want to know more about Andy have a look at his website it is well worth the time. His energy and enthusiasm for what he does made a wet windy lunchtime a pure delight ………. thanks Andy!

Earlier in the week we visited the many visitor attractions of Harris and Lewis including the natural attractions of white shell sand beaches soaking up the energy of wild waves racing in from the North Atlantic. We strolled wind swept hills, watched sheep being sheared, met and broke bread with friends old and new. We all had the benefit of good food, good company and wild weather with a taste of calm what more could an adventurous group want from a holiday in God’s Country! We now look forward to our next opportunity to visit our rare and spiritual place perched on this bastion of the British Isles.

Future Documentary

I am in discussions with two film companies regarding the potential to do a documentary about this project Friends of Sgarabhaigh. I hope that we can cover its origins, motivation and reality as well as reinforcing how beautiful the wider Western Isles actually are. It is a case of watch this space as these matters take a little time to evolve. In the meantime I am producing my own short film which should be available as a DVD on the website early in the New Year. I have to thank ‘getmapping for their kind donation of an aerial photograph of the island for our use for the project.

The Sgarabhaigh Silver Sixpence

Interest in the sixpence continues to grow with the coin being sold worldwide and being increasingly bought by collectors, brides for weddings, parents for the ‘new born’ and many other people as just a very unusual and unique gift.

The sixpence, based on a coin from the Union of the Crowns back in 1603, has already caught the eye of the National Museum of Scotland and both it and its story are now a formal deposit of the museum ensuring its place in the future history of Scotland and the Western Isles.

The coin continues to introduce people to the project that is Friends of Sgarabhaigh as well as providing a beautiful family heirloom, an interesting addition to family folklore and an exceptional piece of ‘fine’ silver to grace every occasion. So if you have any special occasion coming up and want a special gift steeped in Scottish history ‘old’ and ‘new’ then we would be pleased to provide it for you.


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