Your island dream...


What is this all about?

Firstly I should say that it should NOT be confused with any of the ‘novelty' plot of land offers which provide tiny unregistered bits of fields or islands and are overtly sold in their own descriptions as ‘novelty' items.

This offer is intended to provide a very real and tangible link to Scotland through a contractual ‘Holding' in the whole of a beautiful and very special little island. Whilst lying in the heart of the McLeod Clan lands whichever Clan you are descendent from it is a link to Scotland and its rich national heritage.

The ‘Holding' in Sgarabahigh also provides a lifetimes membership of an international family that is set to grow down the generations. It is intended that the island becomes a family heirloom and that Associate Owners, as we call our ‘Friends', feel that they have a real and tangible place set in one of the most beautiful and unspoilt parts of Scotland. It is a project born of my dream of being the custodian of an island and one that I want to share with people who share my love of Scotland but would otherwise not realize their own dream of having an island set in their ancestral home.

Another important element of the project is to provide a focus for the genealogical development of your own family history through the island ‘Holding'. It is intended that you add your own family details and records to the box and create a real treasure chest of family history for future generations to enjoy just as they will share the same island and add further provenance in the form of their own stories and artifacts.

The project has been exhaustively researched and developed over four years to maximize its benefit not only to Associate Owners but also the local community of the islands. Our ‘Sustainable' approach should ensure that not only will the environment of the island be protected for all time but that there will be a boost to the local economy through our action in visiting Sgarabhaigh and the wider islands. Through our visits we will make contacts with the islanders that will lead to good friendships and hence help a measure of social regeneration as those friendships develop. Hopefully these potential benefits will continue to grow down the years as families grow and their ties with the islands strengthen.

These islands really are a ‘jewel in the crown' of Scotland and the British Isles and it is a privilege to have our own part of this special place. It is our unchanging place in a rapidly changing world where days are only measured by sunrise and sunset – enjoy the dream.

It is a present for:

  • anyone proud of their Scottish ancestry;

  • the person who thinks they have everything;

  • anyone who is special enough.

This really is a unique gift of a lifetime for a lifetime, and beyond, with a value well beyond its material cost. So join ‘Friends of Sgarabhaigh', have your spiritual link to your own island in the Western Isles of Scotland and have the privilege of becoming part a strong island community in a very special part of Scotland .

All this for as little as £125 for the Contract Package and £250 for the complete Sgarabhaigh Package - just click on the package title here to order.

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