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The ‘Holding’ is in a contractual form for clarity and simplicity. This simple legal mechanism creates the desired sharing arrangement for the island in terms both comprehensible to the lay person and secure enough to safeguard the Associate Owners rights for their lifetime.

The ‘Holding’ can be purchased in two basic forms:

The Contract Package – comprising:
(a) A Contract Document – conferring island rights.
(b) A Passport.
(c) A DVD Film – ‘Sgarabhaigh’.
(d) An Associate Owners Certificate.
(e) A Holding Renewal Form.
Price 125.00
The Box Package* – comprising:
(a) A Solid Oak Box – to hold all Package elements.
(b) An Owners Handbook – with personal notes section.
(c) A large Wax Seal with identification chip.
(d) A Glass Phial – with Peat off the island.
(e) A Glass Phial – with Sand from the Sound.
(f) Two Brass Seals – one to press a wax seal.
(g) Two Sticks of Sealing Wax.
(h) Two Maps showing the island location.
The Box Package can only be purchased to supplement an existing Contract. If you would like to purchase the Box Package, please email us.
The Sgarabhaigh Package :
This unique offer contains all items in both the Contract Package and the Box Package!
Price 250.00

In order to keep the pricing as simple as possible we have included all packaging costs and full UK VAT within the relevant price quoted. Postage/Shipping is additional.

You are requested to read the contents of the following documents details of which can be accessed by clicking on them:
Associate Owners Handbook
Conditions of Sale
Privacy Statement

If you have any views on the product or the website I would be very grateful for any feedback you could provide me with, please email me.

When orders are placed we will try to meet critical dates for exceptional circumstances so ask us when you order and we will do our best to accommodate you. Our wish is to maintain and develop the special and personal basis on which the package is prepared and on which the project is based.

For more detailed information about the process of evolving the ‘Holding’ legal format please click here.

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