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Dear Dave,

Thank you for your lovely letter and kind wishes. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done, especially that you have made it possible for all three of my children to have the Packages. I am sure that when they receive them they will be highly delighted ‘over the moon’ in fact, about their little piece of Scotland for them and their families for the generation’s to come, thank you again Dave.

Kindest regards,


Hello Jeremy -

I would be happy to provide any information I can regarding the quality of the products and the integrity of Dave Hill.  I am on the road right now so I am replying via email but I can call if you need more detailed information.

As Dave may have told you, I met him while I was over in England on a business trip.  I purchased one of his 'An Island in a Box' gifts for my mother's 75th birthday and his Silver Sixpence for my wife.

In a nutshell, David moved heaven and earth to customize my mother's gift before I left for home and she was thrilled beyond words when she received it.  She carried around the Sgarabhaigh passport for a week to show all her friends.

Because each Box is hand-tailored to each recipient, it wasn't something he could just pull off a shelf and hand me.  But by working late into the night (early morning actually) he was able to personally delivery what turned out to be the perfect, priceless gift.  It became apparent to me while working with David over the course of my visit that this project is of such a high quality because it really is a labor of love for him.  And that affection for the project and the vision it represents really shines through in each component of the box.  We happen to be visiting my parents this weekend and my 9 year old son specifically wanted to open the box and examine the glass-encased sand and peat because, as he said, 'this is the really cool part!'.

As I told David, I think he has a hard task communicating this level of quality and the vision of the project over the web.  And while the price of the Box is high for an Internet purchase, it value far exceeds its cost. It is really difficult to appreciate the quality and the level of detail that David has put into these projects unless you can actually hold one in your hands.  They are physically beautiful and they have that rare 'quality hand touch' that is so hard to find in today's mass produced world.

Please do let me know if you would have any specific questions I can answer.  In summary, my entire family and I couldn't be more pleased and so I highly recommend both David and his products.


Bryant Patten


The box and I made it through customs with flying colors.  I showed it to Tammie (my wife) last night and she loved it (and loved her six pence as well).  You can add Tammie to the list of people 'gob-smacked' by the quality and the effort that went into the project.  She was particularly touched by your letter to my mom.  She made the amusing (and highly accurate) observation that with the clever collection of all the items and the super high quality production values 'that Dave is sort of a combination of you and your dad'.  I laughed and told her she was right - and that was another reason why it was such a great gift for my mom.

I don't know if I told you but the entire family is gathering for this event (including my mother's sister and brother from the California and Kansas as well as my Dad's sister and her children from NYC and Florida) and your gift will be the only one we will be giving.  It is that special.

Thanks, as always, to your entire extended team.  


Hi Dave,

Robert was speechless, he couldn't seem to take it all in, quite overwhelmed. We are both looking forward to visiting mid May so we have more to look forward to, it is a gift which grows in the mind and it feels like a gift to myself also as I am on the passport. Robert is quite taken at the thought of being a Laird and his friend who was 40 the same week is quite envious. I think what with family and friends  you will get many visits to
your website and they would also like to visit Scaravay, however we are
feeling quite precious about Scaravay so they may have to wait a while. Thank you Dave for your help in making Roberts 40th extra special we will be in touch especially before we visit. Robert’s ……… not fond of computers but he does look at his emails now and again if you want to get in touch with him.

Thanks again,



Just had to say how much we enjoyed our visit to Sgarabhaigh.

Both Hilary and I were completely bowled over by it, and, of course, we
couldn't have wished for, let alone planned, a better time to go.

In case you're interested, I have put a small write-up on the Stones Barn forum.

David & Hilary


    Sgarabhaigh is even more beautiful than I ever imagined! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to spend time in such a special place.

    The weather was incredible too...we definitely picked the best day! I saw the sea otter....gorgeous. Andrew and his boat were lovely and Chrissie's an absolute sweetheart. It all feels like a dream already. I was very emotional.

             Abbie  x

Happy Christmas Dave and family,

Just a quick note, the present was a resounding success!!!!!! They are thrilled with the whole idea and cannot wait to go. Thank you so very much for your inspiration and sharing your dream.

Very best wishes,

Ruth and family.


Ellie was over the moon ...........she cant wait to get up there.

I will want another for Zoe but her birthday is 26 Dec so got plenty time for this.



This is a wonderful gift for not just someone but their whole family, now and for generations to come. With the presentation box you also get lots of magic, myth and legend, and a chance to conserve a piece of this earth's precious crust.. You even get your own passport which can be stamped each visit!

Randie Cush

Having recently found that unique gift for the person or persons that have everything in An Island in a Box, I whole heartedly recommend anyone investing in this wonderful opportunity to honestly buy a dream.

Ruth Warrington

Hi Dave,

Just to say that I received the package today.

It is just wonderful.  Thank you for the lovely note as well.  That was truly a lovely touch.

I will contact you after the wedding to let you know the reaction from Paul.

I wish you all the best with your venture.

Thanks for everything


Hello Dave,

Thanks, brill, amazin' - just to let you know all your efforts were well worth it, the box arrived on the button on the day. How you produce such an excellent and quality gift at the price I don't know, a friend of mine in the wood trade says the presentation box alone is more than worth the money. Dare I suggest that you revisit your website as I don't think the pictures do justice to the product you provide, particularly the presentation box. I am in the process of buying a boat and can't wait to sail to my place in the islands. Thanks for my piece of my ancestral home and thanks for not giving up on my lost cause!

Danny Bathie


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